Detroit Street was renamed in 1987 to honor Dr. Martin Luther King. Currently, Martin Luther King Avenue in Flint is in the midst of major change – abandonment, demolition, high vacancy in the business district, and rapid change of the visual landscape (sudden removal of houses, and often several in a row changes the perception of all that remain and introduces uncertainty.) There is a need to manage this land – but especially to focus on changes that both values what is, and envisions a stable future. King Avenue PLUS and Neighborhood Engagement Hub (NEH) provides a view to a future.

In light of the massive changes that are occurring, King Avenue Plus and NEH teamed up with Design Studio at the University of Michigan – Flint, a unique student-led learning lab for community-directed social impact design.

Collectively, we focused on an area deemed a “Neighborhood Center” by the 2014 City Master Plan – which is a main intersection for the neighborhood and those passing through, and has a rich history as such – but has many vacant buildings. Through this publication, we intend to highlight the history of this place and the possibilities of this space as a renewed community center: a walkable location where people can meet and exchange goods and information.

We hope that these endeavors will educate and attract our neighbors and potential businesses to our neighborhood.