Connie Edwards

What do you think of the changes taking place here?
“…Liquor Stores. And like you said before, there’s a liquor store almost on every two blocks. I think that has been one of the BIGGEST downfalls of our neighborhood, because it’s easy access to liquor… When people get depressed because of the lack of the jobs that, where takin’ from here from… the shops, first thing they did is put up a liquor store. And, made it easy access to get to the liquor stores, that has been a BIG downfall. And once following the liquor stores, in the late 60s, early 70… that’s when the drugs came through here like- dynamite! And it was allowed… And I can tell yah’ from my families, some of us just to survive: they sold drugs… I was a lil’ girl, I can remember dat. Sellin’ drugs just to maintain n’ get over- and they allowed it! People in power, allowed that. Mmm hmm. Kept it in, this certain area. …Lack of maintenance. Specially from the businesses now. There seem tah don’t be no really care about their business. You don’t see any lighting, you don’t see no painting, you see boards everywhere. It’s just not clean anymore… Even just the maintenance of the lawn sometime, it’s like they’ve given up…”