Alonzo Laster

Earliest memory: MLK area, born in 1967. This area was really nice, it had a Gil-Rroy’s. Used to go there because they had a Schwinn bike and I used to play with the football men. There was all types of different business there. The market store, food places, doughnut shops. So I spent a lot of time in that area. As far as business here, we need those mom and pop shops back again, somehow, someway. But we have to find some type of jobs to support that like a GM, doesn’t have to be a GM but there needs to be jobs available to the people like it was years ago. Now you gotta have have schooling and all that behind it. I don’t really wanna say it like that, but
maybe we need to lower our standards just a little. Because we need money in the economy.

Happy or sad memory: One thing that I like back in the day is that your neighbors knew the kids and families on the street. So I would say I like that because people now don’t know each other and don’t wanna
know each other. People used to be more involved in the neighborhood as opposed to now. Kids used to ride their bikes and bicycles used to lay on the street corners without the worry of someone stealing them.

Changes you would like to see: I would like better lighting (LED) people just wanna feel safe, find some safe ways to make the City of Flint safe. We need an economic boost in this community. That would be change, I’m almost 100% positive.

Hope to see in the future: Just a positive attitude, positive feelings when you say inner city flint business district. That’s really it, if we get anything positive about that, i think everything would be much better. It would change everyone’s mental thought on the inner city, and that’s pretty much all I can say on that.