Ommie Ruffin

Name – Ommie Ruffin
I have heard things today… I’m sorry. I’m sorry Ommie Ruffin – came to Michigan in ’62 from Georgia. Little town called Metter, Georgia. And I moved over here in this area in ’68 – August 1968 and so a lot of things that I’m here now that I didn’t know anything about. But, I raise my kids over here and they were the Garfield and they were the northern they were the central. So my memories over here is pretty good memories. They really are. I didn’t help I wasn’t in bombarded with a lot of stuff that other people’s blood. I don’t know why we had good grocery stores and everything and I didn’t have a car and I got hired at General Motors when it was down here on Industrial AC spark plugs. And so I didn’t cover a lot of stuff. So we did pretty good you know? What I had- good neighbors too. I really did, so a lot of stuff that I’m here and I didn’t I wasn’t affected by in my kids but I want to say one thing. When I begin to see the change in Flint, it started with the people that was in the in the mayor’s office. The people that had authority that should have did what they should did, and they did not do it and brought the top of the city- I mean foot down and then you have to drug war come in. Heavy drug wars, and it was all over the place on the east side to all the way over here and it spread it so that didn’t help us any at all. And a lot of this is drug wars with came in for people who had Authority and they brought it into this town. Into this house and so what happened was when you have epidemic like we got right now you going to see how this property values go down you going to see the people in the wrong place at the wrong place they shouldn’t be there. And this is what we still dealing with so this is my reality now that I see that has not been helpful for us and have heard us and it’s causing Flint beyond helping.