Lucille Edwards

Interviewer: So tell me a memory.

“…ah mah’ earliest memory in this neighborhood was in… 1973…”

Interviewer: “(Was it like a happy memory or a sad memory?)”

“It was a happy memory, it was a nice place to be in n’ the neighborhood was nice. There was a high school next door to the school… I mean to the cleaners. And business was really booming during that time and it was a great time. I mean, there was a lot of business around here during that time, it’s lots of them closed right now, but it was real nice.”

*On her thoughts about the changes taking place around MLK Ave.*

“…It’s kinda sad really… cause everything’s gonna be going down, everything that was opening up years ago, is mostly all of them is closed now but the gas station the corner. That’s the only thing that’s really was present- well the restaurant, it had different managers over there, owners over there, but it’s still there.”

*Her response to what businesses she believes should make a comeback*

“All of them if they could! There was a hardware over across the street, and it was really-really, you know, handy in the neighborhood. You needed something, you could go over there get what you wanted. Now you have to go even a mile or half a mile to get things that you need. And then sometimes they don’t even have some of the products that you need, when you get there!”

*Her perspective of the businesses that have come and passed*

“…That business across the street, there was a little shopping mall over there, it was… of at the beginning, well it was nothing but a gas station over there. You know, and they added new additions to it but, it didn’t last but a couple of years and it’s closed down. And then, the guy built the building next- over across the street, and it was good for awhile, but then it closed down. Because of the funds over there…”

*Her advice for people starting a new business in MLK Ave.*

“Just make sure that you don’t hire your own family you hire someone that’s honest, and have a good reputation and you know, make sure you have the funds to keep it going.”

*Her perception of a better future*

“…right now… it doesn’t look to good they way things are and like they said, the staff in the city, they don’t seem to be helping very much. Anybody wanna do anything worth anything, like they have to go in debt, and then they go in debt to do what they have to do, they don’t have the funds to get it going… You know, I mean it’s nice to have one, makes the place- I mean, make younger students that’s going to school, give them a place to go and try to make life easier for themselves. Cause the way it is now, it’s hard them, because they have to go out there and try to make loans, and get jobs, you have to pay that back, and it’s hard for them.”

*What she hopes to see in the future*

“…A lot of business reopening, and jobs for the young people that are trying to go to school and make a life for themselves. Yeah, because right now, it doesn’t seem to have to- they don’t to much to go on! Businesses closing and like I said, it just making it hard for them, when they have to try to struggle and try to go to school and you know, take care of themselves too. You know… it makes it hard for them.”