Connie Edwards

Connie: Hello, my name is Connie Edwards. I’m a recently retired person who has lived in this area for 34 years, but before that I lived about 5 miles east of here. So I’m very familiar with the area.

Lanae: What businesses do you remember being here?

C: Oh! You got time? I would like to see cleaners, I’d like to see a Hardware store, Grocery store, Medical Facility, a High School, Elementary School. Oh there are so many things that as a community you need to grow and flourish and those are just a few of them.

L: So what businesses do you remember being here?

C: Oh. Right down the street a Hardware store – big hardware store, that was very supportive of the community. There was a High School two blocks from here that was the biggest, well known High Schools that was integrated in 1969, Central High School. It closed down and moved out of our district. There were at least four elementary schools in this area, we now have none. Many churches are still here, but the population has really dropped. There were also Barber shops, Restaurants, several Grocery stores, and drive through Restaurants- if I can recall. Gas Stations, there’s no gas station around here. We just had one put back in about seven months ago. We had to go nearly three miles to go find a gas station.

L: So with the businesses you said you’d like to see, what would be maybe one to start?

C: Hardware Store. That hardware store because it can be where people can work on their houses, get the tools they need, get the items they need, could fix up and clean up and straighten up. Thank god we have a place like this, where we can go and borrow items.

L: What did you notice back in the day?

C: Several funeral homes that were well known and accommodated many people. Businesses were up and down when the old name was Detroit street. A very busy year that flourished when people sat outside on their porches, walked at night, had community events in parks, we had so many parks. Some of the best parks in the nation that had community school directors where they  were utilized by students and everyone in the community. They would stay open until late at night where kids could play basketball and sit and listen to music and just have community functions where neighbors would meet. I missed that. I missed that a lot.